Big Hands & Banishsh – SWGGN – SMM0000103 – 12″


  1. SMM0000103 A Swggn (Big Hands Orig.) 1:30
  2. SMM0000103 B Swggn (Banishsh Version 55) 1:30
  3. SMM0000103 B Swggn (Banishsh Version OP) 1:30
Available 06.11.2023

The latest report from the SMM0000 record label.
A remote collaboration between Big Hands and Banishsh.
A-side: Original production by Big Hands (Andrea
B-side: two versions by Banishsh (Simone Guido Izzi).
Somewhere between bass-oriented electronic music,
jungle, drum and bass and techno with an experimental
and unusual perspective.
The rhythmic pattern of the A-side collides with the
sparse, glittering synth arpeggio. Unexpected narrative
paths are layered over repetitive percussive drum
The B-side versions take the original ideas and turn
them into a more abstract sonic machine, forecasting
glitchy rain, micro-tonal shifting melodies and poly-
rhythmic drum sessions.
Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl


DRUM & BASS, Experimental, GLITCH, Jungle, Techno


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