Atoloi – Inflorescenze – MIST003 – 12″


  1. A1 Fioritura Atoloi 1:30
  2. A2 Felce Atoloi 1:30
  3. A3 Umida Superficie Atoloi 1:30
  4. B1 Forma e Cammino Atoloi 1:31
  5. B2 Sulle Sensazioni Atoloi 1:31
  6. B3 Chiusura Atoloi 1:30

Coming in March 23dr…

Milano-based artist Atoloi offers Sure Thing a meditative work that reflects upon the tension that arises from polarity: nature and the city-bound sphere of clubbing, weight and levity, the internal world of the artist and his external environment. The sequence of the tracks—and the arrangements themselves—suggest a logical flow: mood and texture gradually intensify through a process of natural unfolding and flourishing, and complex polyrhythms touch the primordial mind. Inflorescenze moves like a living, breathing organism, or like one undifferentiated process: a circuit with no end and no beginning.

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl


Ambient, Ancient Tribalism, Beats, Broken Beat, DRONES


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