Alpha Sect – Dance Mécanique – VV014 – MLP


  1. 01 Alpha Sect - Dance Mécanique 2:00
  2. 02 Alpha Sect - Liberty 2:00
  3. 03 Alpha Sect - Meredith 2:00
  4. 04 Alpha Sect - Dance Mécanique (The Hacker remix) 2:00
  5. 05 Alpha Sect - Meredith (MIck Wills & Blackmoon77 Remix) 2:00

PRE SALE :: Coming November 2023..

Dance Mécanique EP: Unleashing the Pulse of the Mechanized Symphony

Embark on a sonic journey through the labyrinthine landscapes of machinery with Alpha Sect’s upcoming EP, “Dance Mécanique.” This vinyl release, destined to echo through the underground, serves as a pulsating manifesto against the encroaching takeover of our world by cold, relentless machines.
In Meredith, Alpha Sect crafts a sonic portrait of a world on the verge of mechanization. His haunting voice, draped in delay and reverb effects, weaves seamlessly with the beats of EBM and the cold melodies of Post-Punk. This sonic tapestry creates a hypnotic soundscape that mirrors the evolving relationship between man and machine.
Dance Mécanique, the titular track, unravels the dance of humanity entrapped in the mechanized rhythm of everyday life. Here, the gritty beats of EBM and ethereal echoes of Coldwave serve as a mirror reflecting how, at times, we move mechanically, lost in the repetitive motions of a world dominated by cold efficiency.
Liberty serves as the closing act, a sonic plea for emancipation from the cold embrace of industrial gears. The track’s pulsating energy builds to a crescendo, echoing the urgency of breaking free from the constraints of the mechanized world.
The EP also features remixes from two legendary figures in the electronic music realm—The Hacker and the dynamic duo of Mick Willis & Blackmoon77. Brace yourself as they deconstruct and reconstruct the mechanized symphony, adding their unique signatures to this sonic manifesto.
The vinyl’s artwork, a depiction of marionettes suspended in the cold embrace of industrial gears, encapsulates the EP’s thematic core. It’s a visual metaphor for the dance between man and machine, a tango on the edge of automation.
“Dance Mécanique” is not just an EP; it’s a rebellion against the mechanization of our world. Feel the rhythmic pulse of resistance as Alpha Sect invites you to dance on the edge of the impending revolution.
As the needle meets the vinyl, let the resonance of “Dance Mécanique” immerse you in a world where man and machine collide in a dance of defiance, awakening us from the mechanical stupor that threatens to engulf our existence.

Mastered by Alden Tyrell
Artwork by Niccolò Nozza
100 copies limited edition
Black vinyl

Weight 300 g



EBM, Electronic, Industrial, Synth


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