SS/S (Silent Servant & Svreca) – Sicario De Dios – JEL01RP


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From Resident Advisor.

Regis, Silent Servant and James Ruskin have revealed details of their new art and music endeavour, Jealous God.

The venture will be directed and run by Karl O’Connor (Regis), with Juan Mendez, AKA Silent Servant, working as visual director and Ruskin holding the title of music director. It falls under the umbrella of O’Connor’s long-running Downwards label (which recently launched a North American division). As with Mendez and O’Connor’s previous project, Sandwell District, Jealous God looks likely to be more than an average record label: its mission statement says the goal is to “question the here and now,” and is “intended for the mutants of our age.”

Due out in late May, the first release is a 12-inch called Sicario de Dios from SS/S, a collaboration between Silent Servant and Semantica chief Svreca. This will be followed by a record from Ruskin, then further releases from Silent Servant in solo mode (with a Powell remix), O/V/R (AKA Regis and James Ruskin) and Minimal Wave regulars In Aeternam Vale. Each release will be accompanied by an art zine, while the first 100 will also feature an additional product—or “artifact”. The first record comes with a tote bag, the second with an engraved logo dagger, and the third with a military logo badge.

Jealous God follows on from the closure of Sandwell District, the collective that O’Connor and Mendez ran with Dave Sumner, AKA Function. The label shut up shop at the end of 2011, and the recent fabric 69 mix—which featured two Jealous God tracks—was the final Sandwell District transmission (the Sandwell-affiliated Wherenext? Tumblr has also been deleted).

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 30.50 × 30.50 × 0.4 cm




12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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