Oisel – Seta – EVODLTD019 – 12″

  Available 23.05.2022 After a perhaps too long period, one of the founders returns to Evod Music: Oisel with a release based on abstract and experimental plots. It contains resonant sounds and different kinds of ideas; a truly unique work.

JK Flesh – Veneer of Tolerance – KR3007 – 12” Vinyl + Poster A1

Coming 20.06.2022 After his contribution to the label’s 2nd Anniversary compilation, Justin K. Broadrick returns to KR3 with a 6-track solo EP as JK FLESH. One of the most legendary names in the British alternative music scene, with a career spanning three decades with various projects such as Godflesh, JK Flesh, Jesu, ZONAL and more, … Continue reading JK Flesh – Veneer of Tolerance – KR3007 – 12” Vinyl + Poster A1

Biodread – Game Over Ep/The Remixes – X0X08 – 12″

Elektro Allstars on remix duties….

ARWEENN – Chains Of Change – ALMERIC004 – 12″

Coming soon… PRE SALE ONLY!

Lunatik – Pellicola – IPNE002 – LP

Build up around the Moog Sub37 synth, Pellicola represents six fundamental episodes of the artist’s childhood, expressed through elegant and introspective melodies that are enhanced by the timbre that characterises the pure electronic soul of this release. The execution of the sound, free of quantization, allows us to fully absorb the emotion and humanity of … Continue reading Lunatik – Pellicola – IPNE002 – LP

Key Clef, Composite_Profuse – Mental Groove – IPNE001 – 12″

Mental Groove ep is an explosion of grit and sensuality through dissonant melodic sequences and acid bass lines that journey into the brain. The B side contains a dynamite electro Rmx signed by Composite_Profuse. credits released March 27, 2020 Written, produced and performed by Livia Borzetti Remixed by Composite Profuse Mastered by Loud & Proud, … Continue reading Key Clef, Composite_Profuse – Mental Groove – IPNE001 – 12″

Hektor Legion – Posttraumatic Distress – SUB011 – 12″

Zanias – Into The All – FR//001 – LP

REPRESS of a Zanias’s Into The All…. On Fleisch Records,,, 200 CLEAR WHITE MARBLE Zanias, has been hard at work over the years as part of many projects including the Dark Entries affiliated ‘Linea Aspera’ and minimal wave band ‘Keluar’ with Sid Lamar. Since then, she has been curating ‘Fleisch’, a club series and record … Continue reading Zanias – Into The All – FR//001 – LP

Kineta – Proto I/III – BLUEHOUR019 – 12″

Available 16.05.2022 Acclaimed Trance producers Alpha Tracks and Oprofessionell team up as Kineta once again to present their first EP in a new trilogy of releases titled ‘Proto’. Written during relentless production sessions spanning a week in a secluded Mediterranean coastal town, the pair gathered an expansive constellation of music that is now ready to … Continue reading Kineta – Proto I/III – BLUEHOUR019 – 12″

SHXCXCHCXSH – Kongestion – AVN044 – LP

PRE SALE ONLY. Swedish disruptors SHXCXCHCXSH return to Avian. Following on from 2018’s SHULULULU EP, the duo are back channeling their sound-design focused experimentalism into a brace of characteristically high energy recordings. Melding contemporary explorations in rhythm and texture with more traditional club tropes, Kongestion places recognizable leitmotif’s from the dance music continuum in the … Continue reading SHXCXCHCXSH – Kongestion – AVN044 – LP

Golden Donna – The Damage Has Been Done – SE12 – 12″

Coming soon!! Prolific Portland producer Joel Shanahan characterizes his latest collection in varied terms: “a flex; multidimensional; batshit; uncompromising.” All are accurate. Golden Donna has long been the outlet for Shanahan’s most omnivorous sonic tendencies but The Damage Has Been Done is dizzying and dazzling even by the project’s restlessly high standards. Blasted kicks rev … Continue reading Golden Donna – The Damage Has Been Done – SE12 – 12″

Yanamaste – Broken Dreams – KHIDIEP002 – 12″

Available 23.05.2022

Various Artists – Vibe Before Hype – KH01 – 12″

27.05.2022 Kicks & Hugs, a multi-disciplinary platform established in 2017 to hold space for like-minded creators, now launches its own label showcasing emerging sonic spheres that reach beyond momentary hype and trends alike. Based in Berlin, the foundation of Kicks & Hugs lies at intersectional crossroads of music and art, with their first record establishing … Continue reading Various Artists – Vibe Before Hype – KH01 – 12″

Gilmer Galibard – Novaturient – GIL01 – 12″

Available 23.05.2022 Gilmer’s first release came out in 2015, called ‘Brain Poacher’ on Lobster Theremin. Showcasing a production style taht lands between Ancient Methods, Sandwell district and a more rugged version of the live-orientated Karen Sound. Keeping the Rhythms and grooves undulating under booted foot.  The next year after the nuclear arms test that was … Continue reading Gilmer Galibard – Novaturient – GIL01 – 12″

Ruhig – Metaverse – MOFF011 – 12″

Available 23.05.2022 Mary Yuzovskaya’s vinyl-only, Berlin-via-Brooklyn Monday Off label is back to techno’s shadowy depths; where the music’s subtle dynamics unfurl in intensely cerebral and psychedelic ways. Italian maestro and Midgar, AWRY and Semantica artist Ruhig returns to MOFF with this stunning new four track release of hypnotic soundscapes. If the first rays of dawn … Continue reading Ruhig – Metaverse – MOFF011 – 12″

Rhys Fulber – Collapsing Empires – SGLP012 – DB12″

Available 09.05.2022 “Collapsing Empires” is Rhys Fulber’s third album for Sonic Groove. Continuing his trajectory of blurring the lines between, industrial, techno & cinematic ambient music. “Collapsing Empires” was conceptually written as the next chapter to Rhys’s recent self released “Brutal Nature” album. Both albums written in continuity during the height of the Covid pandemic … Continue reading Rhys Fulber – Collapsing Empires – SGLP012 – DB12″