Forward Strategy Group – East Port Rangers – RBS002 – 12″


  1. RBS002_FSG_NINE AND ONE_ 1:30
  2. RBS002_FSG_LISP YOUR WAY_ 1:31
  4. RBS002_FSG_IN ABEYANCE_ 1:30

Available from the 05 03 2018

For the second release on their Black Series, Ravage invited electronic music veterans Al Matthews and Patrick Walker to team up under their Forward Strategy Group moniker. The last release of these legends was quite a few years ago, but the wait was worth it. Their East Port Rangers EP kicks-off with Nine and One, a hypnotic, heavy-loaded stomper containing some uplifting, loopy vocals. Following is the most minimalistic track of the EP, Lisp Your Way, yet it still has a lot of substantial punch and lash to it.

The B-side starts off with heavy broken beats, combined with a classic rave sound, taking the listener back to the blistering sound of the nineties. Finally, the EP oozes down with the track In Abeyance; a haunting, down-tempo track with a melody to send shivers down your spine, which could be deemed a real creeper.

Weight 300 g




12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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