Adam X – Recon Mission – SGLP05 – DB12″


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  1. 01_Tales Of Mystery (Original Mix) Adam X 1:30
  2. 02_Earth Base One (Original Mix) Adam X 1:30
  3. 03_Modular Bodies (Original Mix) Adam X 1:30
  4. 04_Bimini Wall (Original Mix) Adam X 1:29
  5. 05_The Never Ending Quest (Original Mix) Adam X 1:30
  6. 06_Recon Mission (Original Mix) Adam X 1:30
  7. 07_Search & Retrieval (Original Mix) Adam X 1:30
  8. 08_Delusions Of Paranoia (Original Mix) Adam X 1:30
  9. 09_Mythological Creatures (Original Mix) Adam X 1:30

Available 05.11.2018

Adam X returns to his imprint Sonic Groove with his first album in four years, a 56 minute excursion into EBM and Cyberdelic Industrial Techno titled RECON MISSION. The mission begins with beat driven hypnotic electronics that invoke paranormal illusions of Easter island mythology and Bermuda Triangle disappearances. Climbing forward the album crosses the line into harder industrial territories, conjuring visions of New York City’s dystopian past and CIA shadow government experiments. Adam’s own voice adorns tracks such as Never Ending Quest, Modular Bodies and the title track Recon Mission while manipulated dialogue samples take the stage on Tales Of Mystery , Search & Retrieval & Delusions Of Paranoia. Subtle, whispered statements creep in and infect the listener’s ear, guiding them deeper into mental oppression. This album is not for the faint of heart, and its meticulously detailed production stands as a testament to Adam X’s enduring career in techno. Adam has survived the ups and downs of the industry while continually raising the bar for production value and sound design. RECON MISSION is a triumph, ahead of the curve of modern industrial techno. This is not a throwback, this is Future EBM.

Weight 600 g


ACID, EBM, Industrial, Techno


DB12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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